Sold! What $164K Buys You in Oakdale and More

Oakdale Patch reports recent home sale prices in and around Oakdale.

Patch reports recent sale prices of area homes and buildings, with information provided by Washington County, Zillow.com and Trulia.com. Homes listed are those most recently filed with the Washington County Property Records Division.


3675 Gershwin Lane N., 1,578 square feet, two bedrooms/one and a half bathrooms, $90,000, sold Oct. 31

6381 6th St. N., 2,545 square feet, three bedrooms/two bathrooms, $154,800, sold Nov. 28

3630 Gershwin Circle N., 1,428 square feet, two bedrooms/one and three quarters bathrooms, $138,000, sold Nov. 28

4608 Granada Ave. N., 1,684 square feet, three bedrooms/one bathroom, $164,000, sold Nov 28


3109 Norcrest Ave. N., $651,126, sold Nov. 14

3084 Lowell Court, $347,990, sold Nov. 29

44231 Osgood Ave. N., $175,000, sold Aug. 13

Lake Elmo

10114 Tapestry Bend N., $564,900, sold Nov. 28

West Lakeland

810 Novak Ave. N., $620,000, sold Nov. 19


8628 Savanna Oaks Bay, Unit 1, $110,000, sold Nov. 16

9853 Wynstone Court, $250,000, sold Nov. 20

3644 Windmill Curve, $401,717, sold Nov. 28


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