VIDEO: Minnesotans See Strong Winds as ‘Wind Sledding’ Opportunity

The bad weather doesn’t mean you have to hunker down indoors.

Old Man Winter has thrown everything at Minnesotans—snow, Arctic temperatures and, most recently, gusting winds. Parts of Minnesota saw gusts stronger than 50 mph.

But rugged Minnesotans just see that as another opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors.

“65 MPH winds. -25 windchill. Blizzard Warning,” YouTube user TheJonathannau wrote. “We are Minnesotans, we go wind-sledding.”

TheJonathannau posted a video Thursday of people using homemade sails and sleds to fly across the snow. Check it out in the video above and then tell us in the comments section below what you like to do when weather gets rough in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.


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