(UPDATED) FRIDLEY ON FILM: No Oscars Yet, but Some Movies Shot in Fridley

OK, 'D3: Mighty Ducks' didn't win any Academy Awards, but it's one of several Fridley-area ties to Hollywood and moviemaking. Know of more? Add them in comments.

The movie industry that celebrates itself at the Academy Awards Sunday has stuck a toe into the Fridley area—most notably with D3: The Mighty Ducks.

Mighty Ducks at Columbia Arena
That 1996 installment in the Mighty Ducks film franchise showed the world the inside of the now-closed Columbia Arena on University Avenue NE in Fridley.

Do you remember the shooting of D3: The Mighty Ducks? Were you at Columbia Arena? Leave a comment below.

Pat Proft
The prolific Pat Proft, who grew up in Columbia Heights, has a list of Hollywood writing, acting and even directing credits that strains his IMDB page—including the Naked Gun, Police Academy and Scary Movie movies. Proft was an honored alumnus at the 2011 Columbia Heights High School commencement ceremony.

Did you grow up with Pat Proft—or his movies? Leave a comment below.

Joe Somebody at Medtronic
The cafeteria at ., in Fridley was one of the locations for the 2001 Tim Allen vehicle Joe Somebody, according to a commenter at the Fridley Patch Facebook page.

Did you see the Joe Somebody or recognize the cafeteria? Leave a comment below.

Scott Doebler in Ordinary People
Fridley resident and member of the Columbia Heights High School Class of 1978 Scott Doebler played the doomed Jordan "Buck" Jarrett in the 1980 drama Ordinary People—which won four Academy Awards, including Best Picture. (Thanks to Courtney Rathke for mentioning and researching Doebler in comments below!)

Here are a few more ways Fridley and the world of moviemaking have intersected. Add yours in comments below.

What other movies have local connections? What Fridley-area locations would you like to see Minnesota's state film board add to its online list? Leave a comment below.

Courtney Rathke February 24, 2013 at 06:20 PM
This will just prove how very old I am, but....former Fridley resident (and I think a Columbia Heights grad?) Scott Doebler was in the1980 film "Ordinary People". It was a small part--he played the son who dies in the opening of the movie. But I remember people in my parents' circle of friends being very excited for him.
Chris Steller February 24, 2013 at 07:10 PM
I poked around but it seems to be too pre-internet for there to be much of a trail about where he grew up or went to school. I believe you though!
Courtney Rathke February 25, 2013 at 01:16 AM
I dug out an old yearbook. He was a Heights grad. Class of 78. His family lived in Fridley, in the southeastern area that's part of District 13.
Satveer Chaudhary February 25, 2013 at 05:27 PM
Nick Schenk wrote Gran Torino (Clint Eastwood) which was nominated for Golden Globe and won several other awards. Nick was circa 1983 at Heights and grew up not far from me on Lincoln Street in Fridley. He's written for a number of other shows and movies. I graduated with his brother. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nick_Schenk


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