About 3M Cards Compromised in Security Breach at Michaels Stores

The breach also affects transactions made at the store's subsidiary Aaron Brothers.

Patch File Photo
Patch File Photo
Michaels Stores Inc. announced Thursday that it identified a security breach at its arts and craft stores that affected 3 million payment cards.

CNN Money reported the breach occurred between May 8, 2013 and Jan. 27, 2014 and applies to about seven percent of card transactions made. The store’s subsidiary Aaron Brothers was hacked, too, with an additional 400,000 cards compromised between June 26, 2013 and Feb. 27, 2014.

While there’s no proof information like customers’ PINs and names were stolen, some credit and debit card numbers and expiration dates were compromised.

The hacking comes on the heels of similar breaches at Target Corp. in November 2014 and Neiman Marcus Group in January 2014.

Michaels CEO Chuck Rubin assured customers on the company website that they have contained the incident.

“We can assure you the malware no longer presents a threat to customers while shopping at Michaels or Aaron Brothers,” Rubin said.
Ted Buchanan April 21, 2014 at 07:47 PM
Who has even heard of these stores? Didn't Aaron Bros.go under in 1987? Who wants to take the time to hack into these accounts? Dummies that shop there don't have any money! Low-brow and low income customers who bring in their 5 screaming kids ( 4 are obese!) And their parents let them terrorize the rest of the shoppers. Free babysitting while Mommy orders an extra large Slushee for Remo and his ADD. Why ? Parents weren't parented either. Or its considered cute as Jr. has his meltdown with sticky chocolate fingers ! Count me out...
yourusmcboyelvises April 22, 2014 at 12:20 AM
you elvisees need to grab a par and march on the lilly house and drag those obummers and smoldens to the streetskies for some real justskies. before icks too lakes.
Scott Peterson April 22, 2014 at 12:44 AM
Security is a deterrent not a preventative measure. There is no way to be secure from every possibility because it is impossible to even conceive of every possibility. Instead we try to secure against the threats we know of through experience and those we may anticipate through inference extrapolated from those experiences. The businesses are naturally and rightly profit driven and things that do not directly and or immediately hurt the bottom line do not get priority funding. Thieves too are profit driven though they are less regulated than business and in general face more personal risk than businesses typically do toward realizing their bottom line. Due to the actual few distinctions between the thief and business the thief must be the more resourceful of the two and thus more innovative. Security is always going to be a reactionary means of preventing theft. The proactive means to prevent theft are to accept there is no absolute security and otherwise either too expensive, too harsh, too time consuming or some combination of those. Considering how long humanity seems to have dealt with the issue, one might think we would have tried all of the available variables and figured it out sometime during the last 5000 years through trial and error. Oh wait, we have. Communities where the moral code is instilled in the population from cradle to grave coupled with punishment, justly applied, for infractions have almost zero crime and it costs them almost zero dollars. Face it folks, we're all hippy freaks living in/on a commune we call Earth. Continually spending good money over top of bad as our orthodox approach has required over the centuries has only produced more crime and or prisons. This implies more crime/prisons is the goal if you THINK.


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