Business Profile: Full-Service Car Shop Opens in Oakdale

Total Car Care moved to Oakdale earlier this fall.

Full business name: Total Car Care

Address: 3115 Hadley Ave N

Owner(s): Tim Zaske, manager

Number of employees: 3

Open date in Oakdale: September

Hours of operation: Mon-Fri 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Sat 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.; closed on Sundays

Contact information: 651-528-6592, www.totalcarcareoakdale.com

Oakdale Patch: What services does your business provide?

Zaske: We’re a full service shop. We  work on cars, do oil changes, breaks, tire rotations —anything to do with the car other than body work. So pretty much anything from changing a light bulb to full engine replacement. 

Oakdale Patch: Do you have other locations? If so, where?

Zaske: We are just located in Oakdale.  

Oakdale Patch: What made you want to open a business in Oakdale?

Zaske: Location, location, location. We’re right off of (Highway) 5 and Hadley, so it’s a great location for us.

Oakdale Patch: How has been business been going since you opened?

Zaske: It's been busy. We're staying afloat. It's not like we're overly swamped, but it's not absolutely dead either. We get a couple of new people a day, but we're always looking for more people and looking to build relationsihps with our customers so we can get to know them and they can get to know us.

Oakdale Patch: How are you different from other businesses that provide similar services? 

Zaske: Our customer service and our prices. We’re very reasonable and we're more in tune on what the customer needs. We’re not here pushing services. If they need something done we take care of it, but we don’t push something they don’t need on to them. We look at the car and address the immediate needs of safety and what needs to be done, but not every little detail that needs to be done eventually.  

Oakdale Patch: What is your price range for your products or services?

 Zaske: Oil changes start at $24.99 and then it all varies on price and parts, but we charge $85 an hour for labor. 

Oakdale Patch: Any final comments or additional information for customers?

Zaske: Everybody’s welcome. We look forward to helping any and everybody out that we can and seeing how things are going and things like that.


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