New Business Spotlight: Owner's 25 Years Experience 'Worth its Weight in Gold'

This new business is located near Century Avenue and Highway 36.

Full business name: Gold & Check LLC

Address: 6050 50th St. N. (near Century Avenue & Highway 36)

Owner: Nick Hedlund

Number of employees: 1

Open date in Oakdale: October

Hours of operation: Mon. - Sat., 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Contact information: 651-777-0068


Oakdale Patch: What services and products does your business provide?

Hedlund: We buy old gold, diamonds, silver and platinum. We also sell bullion (mostly Silver bullion in the form of American Eagles or Canadian Maple leafs). We also have the best rates on check cashing for payroll checks.

Oakdale Patch: Do you have other locations?

Hedlund: No 

Oakdale Patch: What made you want to open a business in Oakdale?

Hedlund: I like the area. 

Oakdale Patch: Are ther many like this in Twin Citeis?

 Hedlund: Yes

 Oakdale Patch: What is your price range for your products and services?

 Hedlund: The prices of metals changes from day to day, but I keep my overhead very low so I will always try to give the best offers for my customers. 

Oakdale Patch: How are you different from other businesses that provide similar services? 

Hedlund: If you come in with old gold you could leave with silver bullion. I do not think many are willing to offer this.

Oakdale Patch: Any final comments or additional information for customers? 

Hedlund: I have been in the business of jewelry as a stone salesman, purchasing agent, refiner, Graduate Gemologist, manager in a large jewelry company in Los Angeles in the last 25 years.  

Now I want to allow customers to sell their old gold and come away with something of value, either money or some bullion.  



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