Tartan's Prom Controversy Airs on The Daily Show: No. 10 Post of 2012

One of the most read posts of the 2012 included the a Tartan High School student being interviewed on The Daily Show.

Oakdale Patch covered a lot of different stories, topics and events throughout 2012, but there were a few that stood out as the most read by Patch users.

We’ll be sharing the top 10 posts of the year from Oakdale Patch in days following up to the end of 2012. Share your thoughts on the stories in comments below.

The following is the No. 10 post of 2012.

June 1, 2012 - Tartan High School Senior Mike Stone made headlines when he asked adult film actress Megan Piper to prom in March. Now, Stone is gaining attention again for appearing on The Daily Show.

Last night, The Daily Show aired an episode that included a four-minute-long segment about Piper and Stone. “I was going to go there, be his prom date, and do all the normal prom stuff,” Piper told The Daily Show’s Jessica Williams. “I don’t plan on doing anything sexual with Mike or any of his friends.”

Tartan High School officials released a statement in March that said Stone would not be allowed to take Piper to the school’s prom.

Marjorie Holsten, a concerned parent, was also interviewed for the segment.

“I agree with the schools decision to not allow her to prom. Her profession is pornography,” Holsten said to Williams. “It’s the concept that she is a lady who, as a profession, takes off her clothes.”

To view The Daily Show episode, click here.

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