Help Woodbury Girl Build Playground for Orphans in Tanzania

Twelve-year-old Emily Weinlick is headed back to the Living Water Children's Center in East Africa in January. You can make a donation to her campaign through GoFundMe and Patch.

Emily Weinlick of Woodbury, MN, at the Living Water Children's Center in Tanzania. Photo: GoFundMe
Emily Weinlick of Woodbury, MN, at the Living Water Children's Center in Tanzania. Photo: GoFundMe
Emily Weinlick, 12, of Woodbury is trying to build a playground for orphans in Tanzania, East Africa—halfway around the world. And she's almost halfway there.

As of Friday morning, her GoFundMe campaign had taken in 87 donations totaling $4,191 toward the project's $8,500 goal. 

Patch is teaming up with GoFundMe.com to highlight local fundraising efforts. 

Here is how Emily Weinlick tells about her describes her "Let's build a playground for the Kimaros" project at GoFundMe.com: 

"Hi! My name is Emily, and I am a twelve year old, home schooled girl from Woodbury, Minnesota. Earlier this September, I traveled to Tanzania for two weeks to work with orphans at the Living Water Children's Center. I have been working to spread the word about LWCC and the work they do for children from tragic, broken backgrounds. I am already planning my return trip for January of this next year. ... 

The Center has dreams of building a playground for the children, but that is a big project. But not so big that we can't make it happen for them! ...  Every dollar I raise will go directly towards the building of the playground."

She explains that the Kimaro family started the orphanage in their home in 2003 to help children whose parents died of HIV/AIDS or malaria, and that the center now houses more than 50 kids. 

Click on the window above to learn more or to donate, or visit the playground project's GoFundMe page. You can also search GoFundMe.com by ZIP code to find more projects in the area. 


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