Letter: Pulkrabek Has Shown 'Strong Leadership' as Commissioner

This resident encourages people to vote for Bill Pulkrabek on Nov. 6.


Bill Pulkrabek has Exhibited Leadership.

Having served as a local elected official, I appreciate strong leadership in local government. Washington County Commissioner Bill Pulkrabek has demonstrated that type of leadership county-wide in two specific ways.

One, Washington County has the lowest county tax rate in the entire metro area. Those on a fixed income or those who are struggling through these difficult economic times take even more of a financial hit when property taxes rise.  I’m appreciative that Bill Pulkrabek has made a commitment to homeowners and business owners in Washington County to keep our property taxes the lowest in the metro.

Two, Washington County has partnered with ten other entities to find out the cause(s) of the low water level of White Bear Lake.  Not only has Washington County put resources into two insightful studies, looking at what can be done today, but also what needs to be done in the future regarding which municipalities and industries are going to continue to demand more water usage.  Finding a solution at the local level is critical and Bill Pulkrabek has once again demonstrated strong leadership.

I encourage Washington County residents to vote for Bill Pulkrabek on November 6th.

— Yale Norwick, former mayor of Mahtomedi

Craig October 13, 2012 at 01:24 PM
After reading the other articles regarding Bill, I find it a lot easier to vote for Ted Bearth.
Oakdale Re$ident October 14, 2012 at 03:26 PM
Completely agree Craig! I find it hilarious this 'opinion' makes reference to "Those on a fixed income or those who are struggling through these difficult economic times"...does anybody remember a few years back when Pulkrabek reference people who live in mobile home parks and the homeless as "jack-ass's"! Really, Pulkrabek doesn't do anything with citizen's in mind, he is a self centered politician who takes advantage of his position and now that his political asperations are threatened he digs people out of the woodwork to do some song and dance about what he has done for the county.
Resident of Oakdale October 18, 2012 at 02:33 AM
Wow. No kidding. Glad some people are finally standing up and speaking out. By the way....What is with Pulkrabek's silence and lack of actually campaigning for another term as a Washington County Commissioner. He wants the job, he wants to collect income from our tax money. But WHERE is he? Not a word from this idiot. Not a word.
Hannah Gruber (Editor) October 18, 2012 at 04:17 AM
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Resident of Oakdale November 07, 2012 at 08:55 AM
Hopefully Bill Pulkrabek crawls under a rock permanently. What a disgusting human being. I laugh when I see the "Parents Talk: What do you do about Kid Attitude: and I think of Bill Pulrabek. It's almost as though he is stuck in his early days as Mayor of Oakdale - which no one CARES ABOUT now. Unfortunately, he's now a regular Joe, hoping for some recognition now. No one cares BILL. You are washed up. It's possible you had some momentum but that was lost when you decided to commit felony assault by strangling your mistress of three years while still married. Darn it Bill, you really pushed your luck. Then you never came forward and apologized (even though we all know you AREN'T one ounce sorry. Still, might have been a good PR move. Too late. Too bad so sad. You are a piece of feces, rotting in the stench of your self-made BS. Rot in hell Billy. I feel remorse only for your wife Lori and your former lady friend Jill (whom you tried to strangle). Do us all a favor. Go away douche bag. Move out-state where we don't have to deal with your disgusting antics. Seriously - go away. We don't want you here. And a little disclaimer: I don't know YOU. I don't know your ex-wife (although I feel bad for her) and I don't know your crazy-ass girl-friend Jill whatever her name is). Just you William, and that's more than enough. Now bye bye jack ars.
Resident of Oakdale November 07, 2012 at 08:59 AM
P.S. It's been a rough week at work -- but it's okay. Pulkrabek lost. It's all good. Life goeson and this douche bag is no longer going to collect county tax funds to pay his salary.


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