Letter: Say 'No Thanks' to County Board Candidate

Johnson urges residents not to elect the candidate to the Washington County Board.

Once again Bill Pulkrabek is running for Washington County commissioner.  This time we should tell him "No Thanks!"

Commissioners Pulkrabek and Lehrke support breaking state law which requires garbage be processed into fuel and support polluting groundwater. At the Sept. 24 county commissioners board meeting they refused to subsidize a Newport trash processor by voting "no." 

While working as our county commissioner, Pulkrabek, thru his one-person company "Tilt, Inc" was also being paid nearly $17,000 by the MN Republican Party.  This unethical behavior occurred during Tony Sutton’s tenure as chair of the MN Republican Party. Sutton later resigned leaving a nearly $2 million debt.  A request by other Republicans, led by former GOP candidate for Chair Joe Repya, for a forensic audit of Party finances was withdrawn last July. It’s ironic that Pulkrabek and Lehrke complained the Newport garbage facility wouldn’t open its books, while the state GOP fought to keep theirs closed.

Pulkrabeks’s finances aren’t the only areas of questionable ethics. 

Pulkrabek is currently on probation stemming from a case of  domestic assault with his girlfriend (not his wife) in May, 2011. He served as campaign manager for Michelle Bachmann in her first campaign for school board for District 834 in 1999. He endorsed Michael Brodkorb for Deputy Chair of the Republican Party in 2009. Now Brodkorb is suing the MN State Senate, costing taxpayers thousands, because of an affair with Majority Leader Amy Koch.

After 14 years it’s time to tell Bill Pulkrabek "No Thanks!"   


— Pam Johnson, Stillwater

John Kysylyczyn October 09, 2012 at 04:34 AM
So let me get this straight Pam... You say that the law requires garbage to be processed into fuel and support polluting groundwater. That doesn't make any sense. The law requires people to support polluting groundwater? How is it is against the law to vote against a massive multi-million dollar subsidy for a garbage burner plant? Where in law does it say that they must be subsidized? Does the law say how large of a subsidy? Maybe they wanted a smaller subsidy? I applauding them for voting no. Far too often elected officials just vote yes on this garbage, no pun intended, and they have no idea what they are voting for. What does Pulkrabek have to do with the Tony Sutton? From what you have said, it appears nothing. What does he have to do with this Joe Repya? Again, it appears nothing. So he got paid by the party. So did the guy who supplied toilet paper for the restrooms the employees used. Big deal. This is proof of questionable financial ethics? What are you talking about? The court stuff is old news. How many people supported Bachmann for school board over 10 years ago? How many people supported Brodkorb vs. whoever else was running? So now Pulkrabek is responsible for the Brodkorb-Koch relationship? Are you claiming that Pulkrabek introduced them? I have never read such a rambling bunch on nonsense. After reading this diatribe, I am pretty much resigned to the fact that you can't make sense out of nonsense.
John Kysylyczyn October 09, 2012 at 09:34 PM
Let me also add that Pam doesn't even live in Pulkrabek's district!
Oakdale Re$ident October 14, 2012 at 03:45 PM
Really John, so "The court stuff is old news", so then we should just condone the fact that first off he was still married when he 'allegedly abused his girlfriend' and second - his plea acknowledged that there would be sufficient evidence to convict him if the case was brought to trial...I for one will not forget these such incidences when voting for someone who will represent the district I live in. The various things he has done such as calling homeless people 'jack-asses' and saying they are in their situation by their own actions as well as his failure to regularly attend board meetings, not showing up at events he was supposed to speak at, and flat out saying his position is 'part-time' and that is the effort he gives it...that isn't the type of politician I consider to be WORKING for the citizens he represents.
John Kysylyczyn October 14, 2012 at 07:11 PM
Apparently you have not been in court. If you had, you would know that allegations are a dime a dozen. You would also know that all anyone has to say is that they are "scared" and the system goes crazy. The "abuse" legal industry is a multi-million dollar operation in this state. Apparently you are also unaware that the decision to bring things to trial is strategic and often times has little to do with actual guilt. It has more to do with timing and money. It will cost you over $20,000 to defend yourself against these kind of allegations. Taking a divorce situation through trial can cost over $100,000. That is why deals are cut all the time. When deals are not cut, that is when there is hard evidence that will lead to an actual conviction. If the prosecutors felt that they were assured a strong victory, and would get a strong sentence, they would not have been offering deals. Read between the lines. Accusations are a dime a dozen, start listing details. BTW, the job is part-time. Take a look at surrounding counties. Many commissioners are either retired, or are working other jobs. In Anoka County, one of the commissioners worked for the post office and took Tuesday's off for board meetings. I believe that only in Hennepin County do they consider themselves full time. And to conclude, I'm not afraid to use my real name out here. I have little faith in those who are too chicken to use their real name.
Carol Charlsen October 15, 2012 at 08:25 PM
I do live in Pulkrabeck's district and I will not vote for him. He only got where he is because he knows how to play the game to get what HE wants. AND I'm not afraid to use my name, I want others to realize its time to vote someone in that WILL WORK for us, even if it is part time!! Carol Charlsen, Oakdale MN
Jon Mast October 17, 2012 at 01:50 AM
I don't vote for people who beat/strangle women.
Hannah Gruber (Editor) October 17, 2012 at 02:48 AM
A comment has been deleted due to profanity. Please keep the posts clean of foul language.
Resident of Oakdale October 22, 2012 at 08:00 PM
John Kysylyczyn, it is obvious you have a scary disregard for our justice system. Minimizing the act of a violent domestic assault is something you seem to have in common with Bill Pulkrabek. After reading your diatribe, it's safe to say that there are reasons some of us don't want our name "out here". Perhaps it's because wingnuts like you who don't think hitting, pushing, choking, dragging someone by their hair down a flight of stairs is a problem. Or that protective or restraining orders can save lives. Although you also don't appear to live in Washington County, our community had numerous domestic situations that have ended horrifically. It wasn't minor and it wasn't that long ago. Many of us haven't forgotten. We sure don't consider it "old news."
John Kysylyczyn October 22, 2012 at 08:11 PM
I don't have a scary disregard for the system, I just happen to know a lot about it. I have studied numerous cases, attended court hearings, and heard hours of testimony in the Judiciary committees and have testified on bills. I do think there are real domestic abuse problems out there. But when you examine the system, what you see are a set of laws that do little to protect people from the true violent offenders. What government does is give people a false sense of security that in many cases has turned deadly. I believe that many protective or restraining orders actually ramps up situation rather than calm it down. I have also seen how the system gets manipulated to position parents in divorce cases. It is pretty much standard operating procedure to manufacture protective order cases in contested divorce cases with children. In one case an attorney was telling me about, the petitioner filed for a protection order claiming that she suffered from emotional abuse because the respondent called her "fat" on one single occasion. If not for the good work of an expensive and well qualified attorney, that order would have quickly have been made permanent. That is generally what always happens.
Far Away April 24, 2013 at 04:16 AM
I have suffered at the hand of Pulkrabek's abuse. It is real and I must live with the memory every day. Until you are a victim, please keep your speculations to yourself.


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