Oakdale Reaction to Local Races, Voter ID, Marriage Amendment: Election 2012

Letters to the editor and blog posts about this year's election.

Oakdale and area residents have taken the time to write letters to the editor or post blogs about local candidates, ballot initiatives or politics in general over the past few months.

Here's a recap.

Letters to the Editor

Letter: Get the Facts Straight on JoAnn Ward

Letter: Pulkrabek Has Shown 'Strong Leadership' as Commissioner

Letter: Pam Cunningham is a Unique Candidate for State Representative

Letter: Say 'No Thanks' to Pulkrabek as County Board Candidate

Letter: Pam Cunningham Works Toward Solutions

Lehrke: Vote for Bill Pulkrabek in Upcoming Primary

Blog Posts

Betty McCollum - Four reasons to reconsider before you mark that box

Bob's Picks

Your Vote Counts; So vote

Romney vs Obama Sound Clip Compare

“You Didn’t Build That” – But You Didn’t Have a Choice

Minnesota Democrat Party Constitution Amendment Process Pushes its Own Voter ID


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