Bar Assault, Stolen Property, Drug Paraphernalia: Jail Bookings

Jail bookings information from Jan. 15 to Jan. 21 provided by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

The following people were arrested according to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office:

Jan. 15

  • Aaron John Erdes, 19, of Oakdale, arrested at the 6900 block of 10th Street on drug paraphernalia and underage consumption charges.
  • Terry Lee Glinnon, 59, of Oakdale, arrested on a crimes against administration charge. 

Jan. 18 

  • Thomas Michael Stai, 28, of Oakdale, arrested at the 6400 block of Upper 54th Street on a domestic assault charge.

Jan. 20

  • Burnell Ford, 62, of Oakdale, arrested at the intersection of Stillwater Boulevard and Goodview Avenue on DWI charges.
  • Yang Vang, 31, of Oakdale, arrested on DWI charges.
  • Steven Michael Warford, 34, of Oakdale, arrested at Sgt. Peppers Grille & Bar on assault charges

 Jan. 21

  • Ace Arthur Collins, 25, of St. Paul, arrested at the 7400 block of Hudson Boulevard on traffic charges. 
  • Daniel Stephen Kosel, 21, of Victoria, arrested at the 7400 block of Hudson Boulevard on a stolen property charge. 


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