Charges: Woman Chokes Girlfriend After Arguing About Money

A St. Paul woman was charged with domestic assault by strangulation.

A St. Paul woman was charged with domestic assault by strangulation after getting into an argument about money with a woman whom she had a romantic relationship with.

The 21-year-old St. Paul woman was charged with domestic assault by strangulation in Washington County District Court last week. The incident involved an Oakdale woman. 

According to the complaint: 

On July 20 at 3:39 a.m. the Oakdale Police Department was called to the 4000 block of Geneva Avenue regarding a verbal domestic incident. When officers arrived the defendent said she and the Oakdale woman were in an argument about money. The defendent said she and the woman were romantically involved. 

Later that morning police were dispatched to the same location. The Oakdale woman had a bloody and swollen nose. The defendent initially said the woman had assaulted her.

When police interviewed the Oakdale woman she said that the St. Paul woman slammed her onto the bed and began choking her until she couldn't breathe. The Oakdale woman said she felt like passing out at the time. The woman said she then slapped and punched the defendent to make her stop choking her. The woman stated that the defendent punched her about five times. 

The defendent admitted to officers that she had grabbed the woman's neck and choked her for "one to one and a half seconds" while they were struggling. 

If found guilty the St. Paul woman could face up to three years in prison and pay $5,000 in fines for the felony assault. 

Resident of Oakdale September 20, 2012 at 04:50 PM
If Bill Pulkrabek were a 20-something lesbian, he'd have been charged with domestic assault by strangulation? Instead, he's an angry, but connected politician who got a hand-slap of Disorderly Conduct for choking his mistress and pulling clumps of hair out of her head. AND Mr. Pulkrabek continues to run for office as a Washington County Commissioner. I feel dumbfounded at residents who display his signs in their yard. How disappointing they don't care more about what he's done and capable of. Not once has he taken responsibility. He was merely sentenced to 1 year of probation, paid a $200 fine and attended anger management classes. Let's not forget, he was originally arrested by Woodbury Police and jailed for felony domestic assault by strangulation, but that felony charge was later dismissed. Of course. Whenever I see a story like this one of these two women and the serious nature of the charges, I can't get past this situation with Bill Pulkrabek. I also cannot believe no one else is speaking out against him during this election.


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