Complaint: Man Allegedly Steals Friend's Belongings to Sell for Drugs

Andrew Michael Ouimet, 21, of Stacy, has been charged with theft for allegedly stealing from an Oakdale man.

A Stacy man is being charged with theft after he allegedly stole his friend's property to exchange the items for drugs.

Andrew Michael Ouimet, 21, was charged in Washington County District Court last week. 

According to the criminal complaint, an Oakdale man reported several items were stolen from his apartment after he allowed his friend, Ouimet, to stay at his residence. 

The victim reported that Ouimet had been staying at his apartment for about a week in September of 2012. The victim left town for the weekend and when he returned he found that his laptop, Sony Playstation 3 gaming system and controllers, games and DVDs were missing from his apartment. 

The items were valued at approximately $1,635.

The victim told officers that he heard his friend had overdosed at his apartment while he was away for the weekend. Policec confirmed that the police and fire departments responded to a report of a possible overdose at his apartment. 

After the victim returned to his apartment he spoke with the defendant, who admitted to stealing the items to exchange them for drugs, the complaint states.

When officers made contact with Ouimet, he admitted to selling the items for heroin and cocaine. He also told officers that he was trying to overdose on drugs and alcohol, according to the complaint.

Police located most of the items, excluding the laptop, at Pawn America in Roseville. 

If found guilty, Ouimet could face up to five years in prison and pay up to $10,000 in fines. 


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