Domestic Assault, False Name, Murder Charges: Jail Bookings

Jail bookings information from Jan. 7 to Jan. 14 provided by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

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The following people were arrested according to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office:

Jan. 7

  • Melivina Nicole Edwards, 24, of St. Paul, arrested at Kmart on theft and crime against administration charges. 

Jan. 8

  • Charlie Dupree Marie Newsom, 20, of Minneapolis, arrested at Highway 36 and Highway 120 on DWI and underage consumption charges. 

Jan. 10

  • Delores Lexus Stennis, 47, of Minneapolis, arrested on fraud and theft charges.

Jan. 11 

  • Emily Katherine Jean Frye, 21, of Oakdale, arrested at the 9100 block of Jamaca Court in Lake Elmo on third-degree murder charges.
  • Robert David Lopez, 33, of Oakdale, arrested at the 7100 block of 17th Street on domestic assault and traffic charges. 

Jan. 13 

  • Donald Alvin Bakken II, 18, of Oakdale, arrested on giving a false name to police and traffic charges.
  • Kimberly Marion Kislenger, 49, of Oakdale, arrested at the 7900 block of 20th Street on domestic assault charges.
  • Latasha Rose Marie Kaml Narpaul, 22, of Cottage Grove, arrested at the 7500 block of 9th Street on a DWI charge. 
  • Sierra Lynn Sofge, 21, of Oakdale, arrested in Baytown on traffic charges. 

Jan. 14 

  • Elizabeth Marie Fonville, 23, of Oakdale, arrested at Highway 36 and Geneva Avenue on traffic charges.


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