Jail Bookings: Elementary School, Thanksgiving Day Arrests

Jail bookings information from Nov. 19 to Nov. 25 provided by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

The following people were arrested according to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office:

Nov. 19

  • Trahern Jean Crews, 38, of St. Paul, arrested at I-694 and Highway 5 on traffic charges.
  • Yukie Lee, 37, of Oakdale, arrested at Middleton Elementary School in White Bear Lake on six counts of crimes against publi order and disturbing the peace.

Nov. 20

  • Justin Levar Keys, 22, of Oakdale, arrested at the 4000 block of Geneva Avenue on traffic charges.

Nov. 22

  • Wylie Kolkman, 35, of Oakdale, arrested for DWI charges.

Nov. 23

  • Franklin Edward August Gilles, 28, of Lake City, arrested at the 6000 block of Stillwater Boulevard on DWI and traffic charges.


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