Gunman, Cohort Wearing Blue Bandanas Rob Couple

Oakdale police responded to an aggravated robbery report on Friday, Nov. 23.

Two men—one armed with a shotgun—robbed an occupied residence in Oakdale on Friday.

According to the initial complaint, two men wearing black outfits and blue bandanas covering their mouths entered the residence on the 3700 block of Granada Court demanding drugs and cash.

One of the men was reportedly holding a short-barrel pistol-grip shotgun.

The men ordered the 28-year-old resident and his 28-year-old girlfriend into the bedroom while the male victim's 3-year-old son remained in the living room. 

The victim told police the two men took a mason jar filled with cash and one ounce of marijuana, as well as their cell phones. The value of the stolen items is $2,000.

Police did not locate the suspects. The case is under investigation.


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woodtick November 28, 2012 at 08:50 PM
Well, I'm happy the child wasn't physically harmed. The sight of these two robbers certainly damage him mentally. If not now, it'll happen in the future. Sounds to me like the parent/parents are raising this child in a dangerous and potentially hostile and volitile environment. They should be held accountable for endangering this child. As for the drugs and money..... who cares! How dare they place a value on illegal items and money that probably was obtained from sale of drugs. When they "admitted " to possession of drugs, they should have been arrested on the spot. Kid removed and placed then beat the h*** out of these jackasses because thats the only thing they understand..........these people just make a mockery of our courts and cops. Wake up America. It's time to stop this sort of incident with force!! (but thats just my opinion)


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