Hostage Suspect Charged, Arson, Burglaries: Washington County Public Safety Roundup

Here's a weekly listing of crime incidents and police and fire related calls in Washington County.

The following is a collection of articles that appeared on Woodbury Patch and Oakdale Patch the week of Aug. 27 through Sept. 1. Click on the headline to read the full article.


Jail bookings information from Aug. 27 to Sept. 3 provided by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

Oakdale Police suspect second degree arson took place at one of the city's parks on Aug. 31.

A report of some of the incidents responded to by the Oakdale Fire Department.

Brandon Michael English, 23, was convicted on a fifth degree drug possession charge.

Police investigated a report of a home invasion, but found no criminal activity.

Here is a selection of incidents the Oakdale Police Department responded to from Aug. 31 to Sept. 4.


The criminal complaint says Demetrius Santrell Ballinger tried to shoot the man who was eventually shot by police, and he sexually assaulted four juvenile females.

The alleged victim told police he was treated for two fractured eye sockets, a fractured cheekbone, broken nose and broken teeth.

Selected calls to the Woodbury Public Safety Department from Aug. 30 to Sept. 4.

The two 53B candidates considered sending out a joint statement, incumbent says.

Washington County District Court

According to the Washington County Attorney's Office, the following people made their first appearance recently on felony or gross misdemeanor charges:

  • Eugene Charles Aylward, Jr., 43, of St. Paul, charged with theft.
  • Trevor Dylan Kjeldseth, 20, of Hugo, charged on terroristic threats.
  • Benjamin James Trussell, 26, of Cottage Grove, charged with financial transaction card fraud.
  • Martin Stephen Tschida, III, 34, of Stillwater, charged with conspiracy first degree drug sale.
  • Matthew J. Weiss, 27, of Stillwater, charged with conspiracy first degree drug sale.
  • Jessica Lynn Strand, 27, of West St. Paul, charged with theft.
  • Jan Kopacz, 33, of Lake Forest, Illinois, charged with fifth degree drug procurement, possession or control by fraud.
  • Tiffany Dawn Ryals, 20, charged with fifth degree drug possession.
  • Jennifer A. Camitsch, 25, of Lakeland, charged with fugitive from justice from another state.
  • Jacob David Stoven, 37, of South St. Paul, charged with fifth degree drug possession and traffic.
  • Matthew Roy Horvath, 39, of Forest Lake, charged with DWI and DWI refusal to submit a chemical test.
  • Andrew Ryan Eineke, 25, of Cottage Grove, charged with theft of a motor vehicle and fifth degree drug possession.


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