How Many Predatory Offenders Live in Washington County?

Oakdale is the only city in Washington County that has a Level Three predatory offender.

Oakdale is currently the only city in Washington County with a Level Three predatory offender, according to the Minnesota Department of Corrections.

Ka Her, 36, moved to Oakdale on Sept. 1 and became the city's first Level Three predatory offender. The Oakdale Police Department hosted a community notification meeting on Monday to inform the public about Her and the laws regarding predatory offenders. 

Predatory offenders are assigned to one of three levels depending on public risk. A Level Three predatory offender means there is a higher risk of reoffense. Level Three is the only level that requires broad public notification.

Of those assigned risk levels, 59 percent are Level One, 26 percent are Level Two and 15 percent are Level 3, according to the DOC.

There are currently 47 registered predatory offenders in Oakdale and 280 registered offenders in Washington County.

By comparison, there are 105 registered offenders in Chisago County, 595 registered offenders in Anoka County, 1,335 registered offenders in Ramsey County and 467 registered offenders in Dakota County. The nearest city with a Level 3 predatory offender is Maplewood, according to the DOC website. 

There are several factors that determine a person's predatory offender risk level, including criminal history, juvenile records, the number of felonies, any order of protection violations, assaults and whether the person has participated in any chemical dependency or sex offender programming, according to a representative from the DOC.

In addition to his criminal sexual conduct conviction, Her's criminal history includes charges of theft of a motor vehicle, second degree burglary and first degree aggravated robbery.

Law Enforcement Officials Provide Resources

The DOC provides resources for residents to check if a Level Three predatory offender is living in their neighborhood. Levels One and Two are not public information since they are lower risk for reoffense.

Residents can visit the DOC website to search for offenders by zip code, name, city or county. 

If at any time Her is not listed on the DOC website under Oakdale then he has either moved to another city or has been re-incarcerated. 

Another resource for residents is the United States Department of Justice's National Sex Offender Registry


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