Man Charged with Assault, Family Reports Man Fired Gun After Argument

Peng Thao was charged for second degree assault with a dangerous weapon last week.

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A North St. Paul man who was arrested for allegedly firing a handgun in Oakdale was charged in court last week.

Peng Thao, 32, was arrested on Oct. 28 when Oakdale Police were called to the 5000 block of Grafton Avenue on a report of "shots fired." Since his arrest, he was charged with second degree assault with a dangerous weapon in Washington County District Court.

According to the criminal complaint:

Thao and his wife went to pick up their oldest of three children who was staying with his grandparents and uncles. Thao's wife went inside to pick up their son while Taho remained outside by their vehicle.

The woman's mother and brothers reportedly spoke to her about Thao's mistreatment of her since the family had heard that Thao allegedly struck his wife with a telephone recently. An argument ensued and the woman left the house while her three brothers followed her into the yard. 

One of the woman's brothers began yelling across the street at Thao regarding his sister's alleged abuse. Thao then pulled out a handgun and pointed it directly at the three brothers. 

The three brothers immediately ran into the house for protection. While inside the men heard a gunshot and saw a muzzle flash outside of the vehicle. 

Officers later spoke with Thao's wife who said that she saw Thao shoot a gunThe three brothers also told officers that they were afraid that Thao was going to shoot and kill them.

A neighbor reported that she also heard a "loud bang" that was either from a gun or fireworks. 

The complaint states that Thao is known for carrying a .22 caliber gun. On Oct. 29 police executed a search warrant of Thao's home and recovered  two boxes of .22 short rounds, miscellaneous .22 short rounds, a Ruger .41 Magnum revolver, five .41 Magnum rounds and a box of .41 Magnum rounds. 



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