Man Charged With Assaulting Washington County Deputy, Fleeing Police

After assaulting a deputy in Stillwater Township and spending two days on the lam, Tyler Robert Chute was found hiding inside a pullout couch, arrested and charged with a felony.

The 20-year-old St. Croix Falls, Wis., man who was arrested in Wisconsin after allegedly was charged with a felony in connection with the incident.

Tyler Robert Chute was charged Friday by the Washington County Attorney’s Office with fourth-degree assault and fleeing police.

Chute was arrested Saturday night near Luck, Wis., by the Polk County (Wis.) Sheriff’s Office. He is currently in jail in Wisconsin and will eventually be extradited to Washington County to face the charges.

According to a Pioneer Press report, Chute was found hiding inside a pullout couch.

According to the complaint:

At about 9:31 p.m. Thursday a deputy was dispatched to 10744 St. Croix Trail North in Stillwater Township on a report of a suspicious vehicle that was parked at the end of a driveway with headlight problems.

When the deputy arrived, Chute allegedly provided a fake drivers' license. After being questioned, Chute reportedly admitted that it was not his ID, and when he opened the door to get his license the deputy saw a multi-colored glass pipe partially wedged between the seats.

The deputy then placed Chute in the back of the squad to search the vehicle. At that time, the deputy found a white clear glass tube containing a white powdery residue consistent with that of a controlled substance.

The deputy then returned to the squad, opened the rear door and told Chute he was under arrest. But Chute refused to comply.

As the deputy attempted to grab a hold of Chute's right arm, he tensed up and tried to pull the deputy into the back of the squad. As the deputy struggled to pull away, Chute reportedly placed his feet outside the squad car.

The deputy then slammed the car door on Chute's legs to gain control of the situation. However, Chute allegedly forced the door open and came out of the squad throwing a punch at the deputy—landing a closed-fist strike on the left side of the deputy's face.

The deputy began to fall backward, when Chute allegedly fell on top of the officer and as the two grappled on the ground Chute continued to punch and kick the deputy.

As the deputy drew his arm back to throw a punch at Chute’s jaw, he felt pain in his stomach area and realized Chute had kicked him hard in the stomach. As a result, the deputy lost his breath and was temporarily immobilized.

At that time, Chute got up and ran from the scene.

The deputy had bruising to his right arm and upper stomach area, the report states. The deputy’s uniform shirt also had a footprint and was placed into evidence.


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