Man Charged with 'Terrorizing' Law Firm After His Divorce

Fred William Messig, 43, was charged with making terroristic threats to an Oakdale law firm.

A Cottage Grove man was charged with making terroristic threats to an Oakdale law firm last spring. 

Fred William Messig, 43, was charged in Washington County District Court last week. 

According to the complaint: 

Oakdale police officers were dispatched to a law firm at the 900 block of Inwood Avenue on a threats report. 

The law firm had recently represented Messig's wife in a divorce case. The divorce was granted in March. On May 3, an attorney at the law firm answered the phone and a man screamed "[expletive] you" and hung up. The phone number was that of Messig.

Ten minutes later Messig called the law firm again and hung up. An hour later Messig called about trying to get his "stuff," but was unable to. The woman talking with Messig later said to officers that he sounded very angry and agitated.  

While the woman was trying to assist Messig he interrupted her and screamed that he was going to "come down there right now and kill all of you." Messig then hung up the phone.

The woman called the police and locked all the doors to the law firm. The staff said they believed the threat was real and feared for their safety. 

An Oakdale police officer called Messig, who admitted to calling the law firm because he was mad. 

If found guilty Messig could spend up to five years in prison and pay up to $10,000 in fines for the felony offense.


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