Oakdale Man Charged with Allegedly Hitting Fiancee's Head with Hammer

An Oakdale man has been charged with felony domestic assault.

An Oakdale man has been charged with felony domestic assault after he allegedly hit his fiancee with a hammer. 

Fleetwood Cadillac Smith, 50, was charged in Washington County District Court last week. 

According to the complaint: 

Police were called to the 6800 block of 10th Street on Oct. 7. When police arrived they heard screaming and loud banging noises coming from the upstairs. Police found Smith standing with his right arm raised with his hand in a fist as if he was about to hit one of the women. Several women were visibly upset and crying. 

Police subdued Smith with a taser. Police spoke with a 36-year-old woman who claimed to be Smith's fiancee. The woman told officers that she and Smith were arguing upstairs. When the woman started walking down the stairs she said Smith "struck her in the head with a hammer." She also told police that Smith dragged her into the bedroom and punched her in the jaw.

Police saw swelling on the right side of the woman's head. 

Two of the woman's daughters who were home during the incident told police that their mother and Smith were arguing when they heard loud banging noises and ran upstairs. The women said they found Smith with his hands on their mother. The daughters said they tried to defend their mother and a "scuffle ensued." One of the daughters said that Smith then struck their mother with a hammer when the woman tried to intervene in the fight. 

Another woman at the residence said that she also went upstairs and saw Smith hit his fiance with the hammer. The woman said that Smith also struck her in the back.

Smith was convicted of felony-level terroristic threats and misdemeanor domestic assault in August 2011 in Ramsey County District Court.

Washington County has set bail at $10,000. If Smith makes bail he can leave under conditional release as long as he has no contact with the victim or her residence and no contact with the other women involved in the incident. 


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