Oakdale Woman Faces Murder Charge

The case relates to the Aug. 1, 2012, methadone overdose of a Scandia man.

An Oakdale woman has been charged with third-degree murder stemming from the August 2012 methadone overdose of a Scandia man.

Emily Katherine Frye, 21, provided Frank Eck, of Scandia, with the drugs that killed him, according to a Thursday release from the Washington County Attorney’s Office.

Eck, 23, died of “acute methadone toxicity,” on Aug. 1, 2012, the release says.

“We have had a rash of overdose deaths, not just in Washington County, but all through the metro area in the last year and a half,” Washington County Attorney Pete Orput said in a statement. “People need to be aware that providing another person with a controlled substance can make them responsible for whatever may happen to the person receiving that drug, including the death of that person.”

Eck and Frye were in touch via text message and she agreed to meet Eck in Oakdale and sell him methadone pills, according to the criminal complaint.

Later, after the deal was done and Frye was made aware that the victim had died of an overdose, she told authorities, “I knew I shouldn’t have sold him those methadone,” according to the release.

“My office is bound and determined to go after bona fide drug dealers as aggressively as we can. The victim in this case had an addiction problem and was vulnerable as a result. The blame for his death, however, lies squarely at the feet of the drug dealer, and that is where our attention will be focused,” Orput said. “Our thanks go out to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office for their doggedness in putting together this investigation.”

If convicted, Frye faces a 10-15 years in prison.

Anjel Marie January 14, 2013 at 05:19 AM
It's pretty obvious they've been waiting for some young adult to slip up and do something like this. Emily should be held accountable without a doubt and do SOME time but 10-15?! Emily is 21 years old, you throw her in prison, with scum bags who committed their crimes with full intent of causing death, what will that do to her? What kind of citizen will she become?! And on top if it blame the death on her? That young man was older than her, he knew what he was doing. But sure lets play the blame game! Why not blame his family who didn't make him get help? How about blame the person that gave Emily the methadone? What about the person who was prescribed it that gave it to them? How about the medical provider that prescribed the methadone? BETTER YET.. how about the pharmaceutical company that produces it. Because its not their fault! It was their own and to feed that crap to this little girl who is scared and guilt ridden wont bring him back so what's the sense?! She's a good person who screwed up. To have these fools take blame from the adult who consumed the drugs and put them on a 21 year old girl making it seem like she took advantage of him makes me sick! It's no ones fault but his own.
V. Heffron January 17, 2013 at 05:07 AM
Sorry for this unfortunate death. Drug addicts hang with drug addicts, this young women is NOT a drug dealer. Drug addicts need help not prison.
jacquelun kuehn January 18, 2013 at 03:44 AM
These young people know what there doing & think there above the law. They have been into drugs & pot for several years. She isn't the only one into this kind of stuff in the Oakdale , No. St. Paul area if you want drugs or pot just go to No. Hi. or some of are bars. The neighborhood she grew up in has a lot of kids into it, you just have to spend some time in the parks & you will see it being used. These kids think they are smart & won't get found out about what there doing. It is to bad but something has to be done to stop all the dealing that is going on right under the parents eyes. Sweet little girl maybe when she was 10.?? The parents have to stop making excuses for the stuff there kids do & make them know they have to pay the price when they do wrong or by 21 there in real trouble. These kids get help but turn there backs on it & go back to dealing & using. Take your blinders off & see what is going on, these kids are good actors & can look you in the eye & lie.
Linda Stephenson January 19, 2013 at 10:23 PM
A friend of mine recently told me he felt he had ruined many lives because he was a former drug dealer. I told him that taking drugs is against the law - if people are going to take them anyway, they are responsible for what happens to themselves, even if it is death. Ms. Frye should do community service.
LC February 05, 2013 at 06:02 AM
Emily is not a murderer!!!! Sad that it happened, but she did not force him to tale the pills nor did she tell him to take 20 at once! This is nonsense she can be reformed, 10-15 in prison will not help her do that!


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