Out-of-Control Female, Dog Cruelty, Pant-less Man: Oakdale Police Blotter

Here is a selection of incidents the Oakdale Police Department responded to from Sept. 20 to Oct. 2.

The following is a summary of incidents that occurred in Oakdale between Sept. 20 and Oct. 2 as provided by the Oakdale Police Department.

Sept. 20

  • Police responded to a first degree burglary at the 7900 block of 15th Street. The complainant said his bow and arrows, truck keys and house keys were taken from his truck parked inside of his open garage.

Sept. 28 

  • Police were dispatched to Dukes Pizza Pub and Grill on a disturbance report. Dukes employees said that two males were causing a disturbance inside the facility and were escorted out of the restaurant. One of the men returned and trespassed on the property.

 Sept. 29

  • Police responded to a juvenile shoplifter in custody at Fleet Farm. The 17-year-old boy tried to take $25 worth of merchandise.
  • Police responded to a car fire on the 6600 block of Gretchen Lane. The car in the driveway was “fully engulfed.” The complainant said she smelled smoke when she arrived at the home and saw a fire in the back seat. The woman had thrown a cigarette out of the window prior to the smoke and fire.
  • Police were dispatched to the area of 10th Street and Hadley Avenue regarding a domestic call. The complainant said he was following a vehicle and saw the female passenger try to get out of the vehicle but the male driver would not let her out. The caller said it looked like the male driver was hitting the female. The driver stayed behind the vehicle until a Woodbury police officer got behind the vehicle. When the police stopped the car the man fled the scene on foot. Police apprehended the man and took him to Washington County Jail. The woman said she was held against her will and said she had an active order for protection against the man.
  • A man reported his vehicle stolen while parked in the Riley’s Pub and Grill parking lot.

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  • Police were dispatched to the 3900 block of Granada Avenue on a suspicious male report. Police found a half-naked man wearing no pants walking on the west side of Granada Avenue. The man said he was in a fight with his wife at their house. The man was intoxicated. The wife told officers that she wanted “to get sexy” and locked her husband out of the bedroom. The man said he felt “left out” and left the residence on foot.
  • Police responded to a report of an out-of-control female on the 1300 block of Gentry Avenue. The complainant said his 28-year-old girlfriend came home from the bar extremely intoxicated and started smashing everything in the house and then left on foot. The woman returned to the residence while police were at the scene and began swearing, yelling and crying. The woman had a .161 blood alcohol content from a weak sample and was placed at Dakota County detox.
  • Police responded to a burglary at the 7500 block of 19th Street. Someone entered an open attached garage and took three bicycles. In a separate investigation, police discovered that three juvenile males stole the three bikes. The three boys admitted to taking the bikes. Officers also found cigarettes and a marijuana pipe on one of the juveniles.

 Oct. 1

  • Police responded to a second degree burglary at the 1200 block of Holly Avenue. An unknown person broke into the residence through the locked front door and took silver-plated silverware and multiple pieces of jewelry. The value of the stolen items was more than $2,400. 

Oct. 2

  • Police responded to a report of cruel treatment of an animal at the 6600 block of Fourth Street. The anonymous caller said the nearby resident leaves their dog outside and chained to a fence with a recycling bin covering it. When police arrived they spoke with the resident who showed the officer the dog, which was still under the recycling bin in the back yard. Police advised the resident not to cover the dog with the bin anymore.



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