Predatory Offender has Gang History, Residents Speak Up

Ka Her, a Level Three predatory offender, moved to Oakdale as of Sept. 1. The Oakdale Police Department hosted a community meeting Monday night to answer residents' questions.

More than 80 people attended the public information meeting at Oakdale Discovery Center Monday night regarding a Level Three predatory offender who recently moved to Oakdale.

Ka Her, 36, has been living on the 5500 block of Golfview Avenue as of Sept. 1. Her is registered as a Level Three offender, which means there is a higher risk of re-offense. 

Law enforcement officials provided residents information on Her's criminal history. 

In 1999, Her was convicted of first degree criminal sexual conduct for the benefit of a gang in Chisago County. The incident involved a 16-year-old female. He received an 86-month prison sentence.

In 2000, Her was also convicted of first degree criminal sexual conduct for the benefit of a gang in Ramsey County. This case involved a 15-year-old female. He received 98 months in prison for this offense.

The sexual contact included penetration and Her used "force, threatened force and accomplices to gain compliance from his victims." 

Her knew the girls in both instances and they were both runaways.

At the time, Her was a member of a blood-based Hmong street gang called "TMC" or "Tiny Man Crew." This gang was one of the largest and most violent gangs in the metro area, according to Sgt. Kevin Navara of the Ramsey County Sheriff's Office.

"I received the case by some brave young girls who came forward, who were victimized by this guy and his gang," Navara said.

During the gang's peak it had 25 members. TMC would often work with other gangs in the area. 

Predatory offenders are generally required to register for 10 years after their release from prison, but some are required to register for life. Her must register as a predatory offender for life.  

Her is not currently under an active investigation. Her's prison term expired and he was released on May 8. 

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Residents Voice Concerns

A panel of representatives from the Oakdale Police Department, the Minnesota Department of Corrections, the Jacob Wetterling Resource Center, the Washington County Attorney's Office, the Ramsey County Sheriff's Department and School District 622 addressed several residents' questions during the meeting.

Here are some of the questions that residents asked: 

Resident Question: Did Her complete sex offender treatment in prison?

Michele Murphy of the DOC: Her was released in 2008 to join a residential program similar to a half-way house, however he failed to comply with the program and returned to prison to serve the remainder of his sentence.

Resident Question: Will Her's presence invite gang activity to Oakdale?

Oakdale Police Chief Bill Sullivan: There's no way to predict that. Police will do everything in their power to monitor him. The public should call 911 to report any suspicious activity.

Resident Question: Why isn't Her going to be supervised?

Michele Murphy of the DOC: Because his prison sentence has expired. When someone completes the terms of their prison sentence then there is no legal way to do supervision.

Resident Question: There are daycares nearby. Has anyone looked into that?

Michele Murphy of the DOC: We cannot tell people where they can or cannot live. He can live anywhere like you or I can live anywhere.

Resident Question: Will there be any extra patrols in our neighborhood?

Oakdale Police Chief Bill Sullivan: At this point in time there is no reason for extra patrols. There is no evidence of criminal activity. Our patrols will remain consistent there and they will check in regularly. 

Resident Question: Is there a plan to host a meeting like this in the high schools to inform students and parents?

ISD 622 Superintendent Patty Phillips: District officials have notified all principals, assistant principals, all bus drivers, hall monitors, receptionists and secretarie. They have received the packet of information about Her and his physical description. Anyone who is in a supervising role will be aware and on the look out. 


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