Police Find Stolen Items, Marijuana in Man's Backpack After Hotel Discovers Him in Unoccupied Room

Michael W. Johnson, 32, of Maplewood was found guilty of burglary tool possession.

A Maplewood man was sentenced to 21 months in prison on a charge of burglary tool possession.

Michael W. Johnson, 32, was found guilty in Washington County District Court last week.  

According to the complaint:

Oakdale Police were called to Best Western on March 6 regarding a report of stolen items from an occupied room. Police were called back on March 7 on a report of an unwanted male.

Johnson was in custody after hotel employees found him in an unregistered and unoccupied hotel room. 

Johnson had two backpacks filled with a laptop computer, mail in another person's name, credit cards in another person's name, marijuana and a hotel master key card for all private hotel rooms in the building. Officers discovered that the laptop computer was one of the items reported stolen from the day before.

Officers made contact with the person whose name was on the mail. The man said he did not receive his mail from that day. Officers also made contact with the credit card owner who said her vehicle was broken into and the credit cards had been stolen from her purse.

In addition to the 21 months in prison, Johnson was also sentenced to pay restitution and all surcharges and fees. 


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