Police Investigate Woman's Abduction by Oakdale Man, Other Suspect

Police are investigating a report that a 19-year-old woman was abducted by two men. One of the suspects is from Oakdale.

Police are investigating the alleged abduction of a 19-year-old woman who escaped from two suspects last week.

According to the initial complaint, an Oakdale police officer was sent to the 600 block of Greenway Avenue regarding a Shoreview woman who was abducted by two 29-year-old men. One of the male suspects is from Oakdale.

On Sept. 6 the two suspects and the woman were driving and pulled the vehicle over in the Greenway Avenue area. The two suspects reportedly got out of the vehicle and started arguing. The woman said she saw one of the men holding a knife during the argument.

While the two suspects were arguing the woman got out of the vehicle and ran. 

At approximately 2:46 a.m. the suspect from Oakdale showed up at Regions Hospital with a stab wound that he said occurred in Oakdale. The man went into surgery and was unable to give a formal statement when police arrived.

Police also found a knife in the area of the 600 block of Greenway Avenue.

According to an Oakdale Police spokeswoman, the Oakdale man who was stabbed is out of the hospital recovering. The female victim did not suffer any physical injuries. 

Ramsey County is investigating the charges relating to the female victim.


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