Predatory Offender Fails to Register, Court Commits Him to Prison

Edwin James Garcia-Smith was charged with knowingly violating his predatory offender registration requirements with the Oakdale Police Department.

A man previously registered as a predatory offender in Oakdale will be spending nearly two years in prison for failing to fulfill his registration requirements.

Last week, the Washington County District Court committed Edwin James Garcia-Smith to 21 months in prison.

According to the complaint:

In October 2009, the Oakdale Police Department was informed that Garcia-Smith was not compliant with his predatory offender requirements. A Ramsey County probation officer told police that Garcia-Smith was no longer residing at his address in Oakdale and was living somewhere in Wisconsin.

Garcia-Smith was convicted of criminal sexual conduct in the third degree in June 2006 — requiring predatory offender registration.

In July 2009, Garcia-Smith verified with his probation officer that he was living on the 1200 block of Glenbrook Avenue.

Oakdale police interviewed the woman who lives at the residence that Garcia-Smith claimed to live in. The woman told police that she had been letting Garcia-Smith stay at her residence. She also put his name on her mailbox so he could receive mail. 

During the interview, the woman said that she had found out that Garcia-Smith had lied to her about his offense. She also told police that she discovered Garcia-Smith was selling drugs from her apartment. 

The woman said she kicked Garcia-Smith out of the apartment in October 2009.

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