'Vulgar' Tweet, Church Break-Ins, Marijuana at Coffee Shop: Oakdale Police Blotter

Here is a selection of incidents recently responded to by the Oakdale Police Department.

The following is a summary of incidents that occurred in Oakdale between Jan. 20 and Jan. 29 as provided by the Oakdale Police Department.

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Jan. 20 

  • A man reported that during a church service someone entered his unlocked vehicle and took two pairs of jeans, a purple polo shirt and a jersey. A woman also reported that someone entered her car during the church service and took six bottles of wine.
  • Police responded to an assault report at Demori’s Italian Lounge. A 34-year-old man allegedly punched two women at the restaurant. The women did not know the man. The man was booked in Washington County Jail on fifth-degree assault. 

Jan. 22 

  • Police responded to a threats report at Walgreens. A 30-year-old woman reported that a woman in her 20’s called her several profane names while they were in the drive-thru. The complainant said she wanted to pursue criminal charges since she found the incident offensive. The suspect was gone upon arrival and there was no security footage of the incident. Police sent a letter to the owner of the vehicle regarding the complaint.
  • Police investigated a report of a suspicious vehicle parked at the 3600 block of Grenadier Avenue. Police found an 18-year-old man with a one-hitter for marijuana on his lap. Police also found 3.1 grams of marijuana. The man told officers that he was parked to smoke marijuana. A 6-year-old boy was also in the passenger’s seat, but did not have any marijuana.
  • Two intoxicated men were allegedly at the Salvation Army yelling and swearing. Both men left the area and police were unable to locate them.
  • A 23-year-old man was caught shoplifting $64 worth of electronics from Kmart. When confronted the man fled the scene. Police located the man behind Rainbow Foods. 

Jan. 24

  • Police responded to a noise complaint at the 3700 block of Gershwin Lane. The woman reported that her neighbor started his van in the driveway and let it warm up. The woman said the engine was too loud and woke her up. When police arrived the vehicle was not running. The vehicle’s owner said he didn’t realize he was disturbing his neighbors.

Jan. 25 

  • Police responded to a road rage incident. A man reported that another man was tailgating him on 10th Street and then pointed an object toward him out the window. The complainant said the object looked like a gun. The complainant said that the suspect passed him on Stillwater Boulevard and threw something at his car that shattered his window. Police interviewed the suspect who admitted to pointing an airsoft gun toward the complainant. The suspect also said he through a cartridge at the complainant’s window.

Jan. 26

  • Police responded to a report of harassing communications. A woman reported that her child’s father’s ex-girlfriend posted “vulgar messages” on her Twitter account. Police took photos of the messages on Twitter but were unable to make contact with the woman. Police mailed the woman a citation. She was warned for similar conduct in December.
  • An employee at Caribou Coffee found a baggie of marijuana on one of the tables. No one was sitting at the table where the drugs were found. 

Jan. 29

  • A man reported that someone entered the at the 1500 block of Granada Avenue. The man reported that a coffee table, night stand and table lamp were stolen. There was no sign of forced entry. 


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