City Approves Holiday Gas Station Expansion

Holiday Gas Station at 3344 Hadley Avenue North will be expanding its building.

The Oakdale City Council recently approved a request from Holiday Gas Station to expand its station at 3344 Hadley Avenue. 

Holiday will be adding a 650-square foot addtion to the east side of the building, reconfiguring the parking and adding a new trash enclosure.

Per the city's request, Holiday will also add a trail connection and crosswalk from the Hadley Avenue bike trail to the site.

"It's a small little segment, so when they redo the parking area they will extend a little trail connection," said City Planner Whitney Ridlon

The gas station was originally approved in 1995 and constructed in 1996, according to Holiday's Chief Executive Officer Steve Linn.

Holiday plans to expand and update the interior of the building, including upgrading the building's exterior, canopy and car wash, according to city documents.

Moving forward, Holiday will be finalizing construction drawings and a cost analysis. 

"If we get everything in order we'll likely start construction sometime early this spring," Linn said.  


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