City County Adopts 2013 Budget, Tax Levy

The Oakdale city council adopted the 2013 General Fund Budget and tax levy.

The Oakdale city council reduced the overall property tax levy for the second year in a row Tuesday night.

Before the city council was a request to approve the 2013 General Fund Budget, Tax Levy, Special Revenue and Capital Fund Budget and the Enterprise Fund Operating Budget.

The city's goal has been to avoid raising residents' property taxes, and this year the council was able to reduce the overal property tax levy by $1,530 from 2012 and reduce it by $100,644 from 2011, said Finance Director Suzanne Warren.

Warren noted that Oakdale was only one of three cities in Washington County in 2012 that actually reduced their tax levy. 

The 2013 property tax levy is $9,879,444, which includes the following:

  • Debt levies of $1,557,346
  • General fund operating levy of $7,972,098
  • Public safety levies of $150,000 
  • Capital levies of $200,000

About 34 cents of each property tax dollar goes to the city.

So where does your property tax money go? The average person will spend about $1,716 in property taxes and of that portion $584 goes to the city, Warren said.

The city broke down the average payment of $584 by category:

  • Public Safety — including police services, fire contract, protective inspections and special public safety levy — receives approximately $241 per year.
  • Public Works — including street maintenance, park maintenance, trees and landscaping, capital park projects and building and equipment — receives approximately $111 per year.
  • General Government — including adminstration, finance and insurance, engineering and planning, economic development and contingency — receives approximately $129 per year.
  • Community Recreation Services receives approximately $4.45 per year.
  • Debt Service receives approximately $92.09 per year.
  • Capital Improvements receives approximately $5.91 per year.

"So an average of $33 goes toward street maintenance, including snow plowing, black topping and public safety," Warren said. "Look at all those services residents get for just $33 a year."

Property taxes represent nearly 70 percent of the General Fund revenue for 2013. 

Warren said that residents are encouarged to contact city staff with any questions regarding the 2013 budget and tax levy. Residents can call 651-730-2714 or email suzy.warren@ci.oakdale.mn.us


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