City Will Not Impose Liquor Store Closure on New Ownership

An Oakdale liquor story employee was caught selling alcohol to an underage person, which prompted a fine from the city and a three-day suspension. The city waived the three-day suspension now that the liquor store is undergoing new ownership.

The pending new ownership of an Oakdale liquor store will not have to temporarily close shop.

Last month the Oakdale city council was forced to deal with a liquor store whose employee was caught selling alcohol to an underage customer. This was the employee's fourth offense in four years. 

The current ownership of  was fined $500 for breaking the city's ordinance. Police Chief Bill Sullivan also recommended last month that the city issue a three-day suspension of the liquor store's license. 

However, Sullivan also noted at the Aug. 28 meeting that new ownership was in the process of taking over the liquor store. If the new owners proceeded to purchase the liquor store then Sullivan recommended waiving the three-day suspension so as not to punish the new ownership. 

The city council approved the transfer of an off-sale liquor license and tobacco license to new owners Sandy Haub and Danica Coons. The license transfers are contingent on completing the purchase agreement.

As a result of the transfer the city waived the three-day suspension. When Haub and Coons take over the business they will not receive any fine or suspension.


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