County Board Reimburses City for Land Purchased for More Open Space, Park Land

Washington County will be reimbursing the city for land it purchased for more open space and park land.

Oakdale will be reimbursed for additional park land and open space in the city thanks to a decision by the Washington County Board on Tuesday. 

The Washington County Board of Commissioners approved more than $40,000 in reimbursement to the city.

In 2012, the county board agreed to provide up to $50,000 of Land and Water Legacy bond proceeds to Oakdale to fund 50 percent of the cost to acquire 5.4 acres of property previously owned by Peter Paul Taubenberger.

The city purchased the property and requested reimbursement from the county. The agreement requires the city to convey a conservation easement over the property when the county provides the funds.

The property is near the intersection of Highway 120 and Highway 5. The city intends to use the property for park and open space. 

The reimbursement to the city of $40,815 in Land and Water Legacy bond proceeds is for the city’s purchase of the fee title to the land.

The Land and Water Legacy Program is funded by a voter-approved $20 million bond referendum to be used for the following:

  • Purchase interests in lands to improve water quality of rivers, lakes and streams. 
  • Protect drinking water resources.
  • Purchase parkland, preserve wetlands and woodlands.
  • Protect land along water bodies from development.


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