Did Your Street Get a Makeover for 2012?

The Oakdale city council received an overview of streets that were part of the city's reconstruction program.

Did your street get a makeover?

The Oakdale city council reviewed work completed on several streets as part of the 2012 Street Reconstruction Program. 

Portions of the following streets were reconstructed:

  • Granada Avenue looking north at 11th Street
  • Upper 14th Street Ct. looking west from the cul-de-sac
  • Hamlet Avenue
  • 27th Street looking west from Hadley Avenue
  • 29th Street looking east from Upper 27th Street
  • 38th Street
  • Hallmark Avenue north from 41st Street
  • 11th Street Circle
  • Granada Circle
  • Granada Court

After the overview, the city council was also informed that the landscaping for Tartan Crossing has been completed. Soon work will begin on the street light and street signal improvements. 


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