This Minnesota Lake Is Off Limits For Swimming After a Sewage Dump

The sewage will likely make its way into several lakes, increasing E. Coli bacteria.

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File Photo
A sewage dump has led the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency to recommend that swimmers avoid Lake Minnetonka for the time being.

MPR News reported that Mound released untreated sewage into the storm water system on Sunday because of heavy rains. Mound had permission to do so to avoid waste water from backing up into homes.

The sewage will likely make its way into Lake Minnentonka as well as Dutch Lake and Lake Langdon, increasing E. Coli bacteria in the lakes, Pioneer Press reported.
j cat June 03, 2014 at 09:09 AM
I think it would make sense for the City of Mound to explain this action. I can't believe there wasn't a better option, but would like to hear the city explain why and how this decision was made. We all know it rains, but why were they in a situation where this was needed? The best thing about Mound is the lake so this was their solution?! Hey Mound, 1920 called and wants its' waste water system back!
John Siskoff June 03, 2014 at 11:42 AM
Sustainable development at its best!! That is the Met Councils version of THRIVE MSP 2040 One Vision, One Metropolitan Region About Thrive MSP Under state law, the Council prepares a long-range plan for the Twin Cities region every 10 years. These policies also drive the systems and policy plans developed by the Council: the Transportation Policy Plan, the Water Resources Policy Plan, the Regional Parks Policy Plan, and the Council’s first Housing Policy Plan update in nearly 30 years.
Nate, G June 03, 2014 at 06:35 PM
Nina.. How would you like a ton of your neighboring sewage in your house Everywhere around the crib in the kitchen. Bedroom etc.. ridiculous yes if there were other options. Think before you speak.. J cat. I don't expect you to understand this but if you read the report about the raw sewage dumping you would know that they have already explained themselves. maybe you and nina can move in together then we can pump all the sewage into your guys house and you two can have it.. I mean what's the big deal it's not ridiculous to put sewage in living rooms of a thousand houses. but it's ridiculous to put it in the lake. . As if the lake was clean in the first place.. go figure. Gosh i I hope everyone thinks this is the first time sewage has been dumped into lakes. unless they know about the other times along with boats that do it as well.
j cat June 03, 2014 at 10:19 PM
Of course, nobody is FOR sewage backing up into any houses, Nate! Many of us are also for protecting our lakes. Not mutually exclusive ideas there. Try to think bigger?, there are solutions to these challenges without dumping sewage into Lake Minnetonka. Further, finger pointing explanations by the City and the Met Council about who didn't build what are not cutting it for many logical thinkers.
Nate, G June 07, 2014 at 12:53 AM
record breaking water levels. We got enough rain to raise. Actually raise the level of the lake more than 4 inches in less than 72 hours. I don't even think the dam can let out that much water in that time. I've lived on lake minnetonka my entire life. fact is it's gross but it's not mercury. it will sooner or lateR make it's way right on down and out. Temporary that's what it is. so lets be practical then. Ok so Here is what is not logical. Lets get some people with power blame whoever so they can waste a ton of our money to rip out a perfectly adequate system. real logical thinking To look at the situation as if it was an already ongoing problem. Which its not.


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