Washington County: Oakdale Problem Solved

Washington County officials were baffled by a problem in Oakdale. Now the problem has been fixed.

Washington County has taken care of the problem.

Washington County officials have been trying to fix a predicament that occurred after a botched construction job on 10th Street earlier this summer.

In June, Hardrives Inc. did a mill and overlay of pavement and paths, pedestrian ramps, a traffic barrier and signing and striping of 10th Street North. The project took place from the east end of the Interstate 694 bridge to 600 feet east of Inwood Avenue North.

After the project was completed in July, county officials discovered that the road had unexpected shifts in subgrade soils that resulted in a series of rough patches on the road. The project was supposed to be a routine mill and overlay project.

After soil studies were completed, a plan was developed and implemented to repair these areas.

Hardrives recently completed additional work on 10th Street to fix the rough spots that appeared in the road. 

The Washington County Board of Commissioners approved the $173,447 contract with Hardrives at its meeting Nov. 13. State aid funds were used to cover the costs of fixing the road.


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