Brief: Tartan Students' Business Takes Off

The DECA students at Tartan High School sold all of their shares and will begin the next phase in their business.

Tartan High School students who have launched their own business this fall are now moving into the next stage.

Students in Tartan's marketing class have started a business venture where they will be selling D Spot wings on a pre-order basis at school. Students have been selling shares of their company's stock to raise money for their start-up costs. 

Now, in just over a week, they have sold all of their shares.

The students' goal was to sell 550 shares to raise the $1,100 they needed for start-up supplies, including an oven to keep the wings warm after they are delivered to the school. 

Students have ordered the oven and will begin selling the chicken wings next week, said Marketing Teacher Craig Spreiter who is overseeing the co-curricular project. 

"I was very surprised at the large number of parents, staff and community members who purchased shares from us," Spreiter said in an email to Oakdale Patch. "It’s close to a 50/50 split with our shareholder base between those adults and students in our building."

Students will liquidate the business on Jan. 31 and all profits will be paid back to shareholders in the form of a dividend. 

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