Elementary School Needs Votes to Win Grant for Classroom with Autistic Students

Eagle Point Elementary has been nominated to receive a grant to provide technology to its classrooms that teach children on the autism spectrum. Eagle Point is currently ranked #615 in votes.

Marjan Hamidi knows how much an iPad can make a difference for a child with autism.

Her 5-year-old son, who attends Eagle Point Elementary, has been using his own iPad to help him learn and communicate more effectively. That's why Hamidi nominated Eagle Point Elementary to receive a grant through the Clorox "Power a Bright Future" program.

The program — which is in its fourth year — provides a chance for students to play, create and explore by awarding seven grants (four based on votes and three based on merit). The nomination with the most votes will win a $50,000 grant. The nominations with the most votes by category ("Play", "Create" and "Explore" categories) will receive a $25,000 grant each. 

Hamidi nominated Eagle Point Elementary for the "Explore" category. Here is her nomination:

Program Detail:
The Eagle Point Autism (CID) classrooms provide the best quality education for children with autism by having the most dedicated staff members in those classrooms. However, most children in the classroom are not able to communicate because of their disability but they are talented children who can bloom by using technology provided with the iPads. The students with Autism struggle to communicate and excel as their typically developing peers but just don't have the right tools. They are visually oriented and have short attention spans that would make it extremely difficult for the staff to work with them on their classroom curriculum.

How this Grant will Help:
Providing ipads for the students and using the apps such as Tap to Talk, Prologue to go, and other great technology apps would give voice to those students with autism and help them thrive and be the best they can be. They would be able to succeed as the typically developing students in regular classrooms and bring smiles to their precious faces. Please help make that reality. Thank you.

"We saw a need for the technology in the classroom because the district doesn't have the budget," Hamidi said. "They have wonderful teachers in the classroom, but they could use a little bit of technology." 

Eagle Point Principal Shawn Bromeland agreed.

"I think the school as a whole needs to look at how technology can support all classrooms," Bromeland said. "I think our schools in general need to work at getting technology implemented well." 

Hamidi said children with autism can struggle with talking if they are sad, stressed or upset. She said the iPad even has an app that helps the children communicate effectively. 

"I see how much my son has learned from the iPad apps. He has learned his alphabet, numbers and has talked a lot more."

Eagle Point Elementary's nomination is currently ranked #615.

People can vote once a day for their favorite nomination through Wednesday, Dec. 19. The winners will be announced in early January.

"I thought all the kids can use that in the class. Because it’s so expensive not everyone can afford to get it," Hamidi said. "It will help the teachers a lot."

People can text to vote by Texting 2297pbf to 95248. People can also vote online here.


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