Tartan, North High Students Excel at DECA Conference

Students recently participated in the District 2 DECA Conference in St. Paul.

Tartan High School and North High School students participated in the District 2 DECA Conference at Crowne Plaza Hotel in St. Paul on Jan. 11.

Tartan’s DECA chapter was one of the top winning chapters in the conference and had more than 90 percent of their students advance to the State Conference, which will take place March 4-6.

North High School sent 55 marketing students to the conference. North High students were once again some of the top competitors.

Nearly 600 students competed in 35 different marketing and business related events at the District Conference. In order to advance to the State Conference, each student or team needed to place in the Top 10 of their event.  

Tartan High School results

Listed below are Tartan’s winners and which event they will be advancing to state in.

1st place finishers include:

  • Marc Buchmayer - Marketing Management, Advertising Campaign and Job Interview Advanced Level
  • Michelle St. Martin - Sales Demonstration General Line Products
  • Annalise Wackerfuss - Advertising Campaign and Principles of Marketing
  • Ike Nnabuchionye - Sales Demonstration Hard Line Products
  • Lydia Anderson - Job Interview Entry Level

2nd place finishers include:

  • Teni Lamina - Job Interview Advanced Level

3rd place finishers include:

  • Mikayla Miller - Sports & Entertainment Promotion Plan
  • Teni Lamina - Sports & Entertainment Promotion Plan
  • Andrew Reichow - Entrepreneurship/Writing a Business Plan
  • Danielle Nitz - Fashion Merchandising Promotion Plan
  • Abigail Ryan - Fashion Merchandising Promotion Plan
  • Kelsie Ferstl - Retail Merchandising Management

Top 10 finishers include:

  • Mikayla Miller - Marketing Communications
  • Michelle St. Martin - Marketing Communications
  • Geneva Eilertson - Travel & Tourism Management
  • Teni Lamina - Travel & Tourism Management
  • Taylor Oines - Entrepreneurship/Writing a Business Plan
  • Andrew St. Martin - Sports & Entertainment Promotion Plan
  • Luke Richards - Retail Merchandising Management 

North High School results

The Top 10 students in role-plays and the Top 12 students in all other events will advance to the DECA State Conference in Minneapolis March 4-6. 

1st place finishers include:

  • Mary Ecker - Business to Business Sales Demonstration
  • Tom Osterbauer - Soft Line Sales
  • Matt Kelly - Hard Line Sales
  • Haley Schanks - Hard Line Sales
  • Allie Weippert   - Hard Line Sales
  • Courtney Sullivan - Job Interview-Entry Level
  • Adolfo Barrera-Gonzales - Entrepreneurship Participating
  • Olivia Collins and Violette Pfefferle - Entrepreneurship Written
  • Kari Strandberg and Spencer Berglund - Entertainment and Sports MDM

2nd place finishers include:

  • Adam Molohon - Business to Business Sales Demonstration
  • Spencer Berglund - Hard Line Sales
  • Jake Janssen - Hard Line Sales
  • Patience Hogan - Job Interview Entry Level
  • Allie Weippert - Entrepreneurship Participating
  • Adrian Ke - Entrepreneurship Participating
  • Jackie Morris and Lexi Murphy - Fashion Promotion Plan
  • Avery Schaeppi, Mason Moore, Ryan Donovan - Sports and Entertainment Promo Plan
  • Nick Juaire - Hospitality and Tourism Professional Selling
  • Lexie Johnsona and Allie Weippert - Advertising Campaign
  • Kari Strandberg, Sam Schankler, Justin Oliver - Entrepreneurship Written
  • Jack Standish - Human Resources Role-Play
  • Mary Ecker - Sports and Entertainment Role-Play
  • Matt Kelly - Business Services Role-Play

3rd place finishers include:

  • Emily LaCasse - Business to Business Sales Demonstration
  • Jake Kustrich - General Line Sales
  • Mark Meister - General Line Sales
  • Eric Swanberg - Quick Serve Role-Play
  • Ryan Donovan - Sports and Entertainment Role-Play
  • Mark Meister and Tom Osterbauer - Hospitality Team MDM
  • Justin Oliver - Principles of Hospitality and Tourism Role-Play
  • Kevin Donovan - Entrepreneurship Participating
  • Jake Merritt and Ben Cole - Advertising Campaign
  • Tyler Steiner, Erin Jungmann, Haley Schanks - International Business Plan
  • Riley Greeley, Ashley Feist - Entrepreneurship Written

Top 10 finishers include:

  • Malena Vang - Hotel and Lodging Role-Play
  • Lexi Murphy - Apparel and Accessories Role-Play
  • Jon Borchert - Food Marketing Role-Play
  • Jake Merritt - Food marketing Role-Play
  • Erin Jungmann - Sports and Entertainment Role-Play     
  • Ashley Feist, Riley Greeley - Buying and Merchandising Team MDM
  • Allie Weippert, Lexie Johnson - Marketing Communications Team MDM
  • Joe Mullen - Principles of Marketing Role-Play
  • Sam Culver - Entrepreneurship Participating
  • Patience Hogan - Fashion Promotion Plan
  • Valerie Kordosky, Emily LaCasse - Fashion Promotion Plan
  • Julio Roque, Jake Kustrich, Joe Furlong - Sports and Entertainment Promo Plan
  • Lindsey Fletcher, Jessie Hereford - Ad Campaign
  • Matt Kelly, Adam Molohon, Jon Borchert - Ad Campaign
  • Tom Osterbauer - Hospitality and Tourism Professional Selling
  • Malena Vang - Professional Selling
  • Elaina Morrisset, Aurora Swanson - International Business Plan
  • Jake Janssen, Lauryn Kennedy, Spencer Berglund - International Business Plan
  • Oyinda Itabiyi - International Business Plan
  • Jack Standish, Al Blesener - Business Services Operation Research
  • Eric Swanberg, Stephen Fleming - Entrepreneurship Written
  • Mark Meister - Entrepreneurship Innovation Plan


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