Tartan Student Takes on High Leadership Position

A Tartan High School student received a high-ranking leadership position for SkillsUSA.

A Tartan High School student will be serving as a state officer for SkillsUSA, according to a recent release. 

Maggie Mielzarek recently went through specialized training and interviewing skills to be selected as Secondary Vice-President for Minnesota SkillsUSA. She was previously chosen in December to serve as a state officer at large, but after more training moved up to a higher position. 

SkillsUSA is a national non-profit organization that serves teachers, high school students and college students preparing for careers in trade, technical and skilled service occupations.

Elections for the position were held at the annual SkillsUSA Delegate Conference in Alexandria and Mielzarek campaigned and spoke to student members from across the state, according to Jennifer Polz, SkillsUSA State Executive Director.

Polz said that as a state officer, Mielzarek will be a student leader, state spokesperson and ambassador for the organization. Mielzarek will use her strong leadership skills while also participating in industry tours throughout the school year. Mielzarek will speak about SkillsUSA in front of students, instructors and representatives from businesses throughout his year of service, Polz said.

Mielzarek recently took part in Joint Career & Technical Student Organization state officer training in Brooklyn Center at the beginning of December with other student leaders from DECA, BPA and FCCLA-HERO. Most recently, she completed training with the state board of directors of the association in Minneapolis during the first week of January.

Polz said that SkillsUSA members must be nominated by their school, and local training program, receive support from there administration and included three additional letters of recommendation in order to run for the position. Mielzarek also had to pass an online knowledge test and officer application form prior to attending the SkillsUSA Delegate Conference and before starting to campaign before the student delegates.

Mielzarek will serve as Secondary Vice-President of the Minnesota Association of SkillsUSA during the 2012-2013 school year.

If you are interested in having a state officer attend your event, please make arrangements by contacting the state SkillsUSA office at:763-560-1932.


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