Woman Who Claimed to Have Killed 22 Across the Country a Liar, Dad Says

Father doesn't believe daughters claims.

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The father of a woman who claimed to have killed 22 people across the country says his daughter is a liar, but he supports the death penalty in the one murder she has been charged with, pennlive.com reported.

Miranda Barbour, 19, made headlines when she claimed in a jailhouse interview that she had killed 22 people. Barbour of Sunbury Pennsylvania, has been charged along with her boyfriend, of killing Troy LaFerrara, 42, who was lured through a Craigslist ad promising sex for money.

Barbour's father, Sonny Dean, told the Daily Item newspaper that he believes his daughter might have been involved in one other murder. Dean supports the death penalty for his daughter is she is convicted of killing LaFerrara.

The newspaper reported that Dean described his daughter as a heroin addict and a liar and he did not believe her claim of mass murder.

Thus far authorities have not found any evidence to substantiate Barbour's claims.
dita von struedel van trappyodel February 21, 2014 at 09:52 AM
I keep thinking that I'm positing to my local Patch but wind up here. You people are mean so I'm not going to say anymore. Shoot the messenger if you will.
Quincy Alexander February 21, 2014 at 10:46 AM
your comments are idiotic I hope your are not an instructor in any venue
Jim Flaherty February 23, 2014 at 11:14 AM
What a supportive family she has.
usmcboi March 13, 2014 at 07:45 PM
liberal hippie chick
SILENT WOLF March 15, 2014 at 08:45 AM
They must have put this on the patch for Chuck---- he loves to have fun with people like them ... Go for it Chuck ....


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